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Our Company

About us

Specialized chemicals & environmental solutions

SAMORAL was established in 1974 as a Specialty Chemicals distributor representing reputable global firms, serving diversified market segments in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, through several business units.

An intermediary between the customer (demand) and the manufacturers (supply) that builds joint sustainable business relationships. SAMORAL achieves this goal through precise, proactive, transparent communication, high quality products, good quality service and technical support.

Our vision

A pivot for world class technologies in speciality chemicals and environmental solutions across the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

Delivering world class specialty chemicals and environmental care solutions to perfectly address Middle Eastern & African customers’ competitive needs and industrial challenges.


Years of experience

Partnership :

Partnership :

Close working relationships with customers, suppliers, investors and employees. All stakeholders are treated as genuine business partners and family members whose individual challenges and concerns are equally addressed.

Continuous Improvement :

Continuous Improvement :

Excellence and ongoing efforts to upgrade business capabilities accelerate with progress; driven by the belief that the best is yet to come.

Discipline :

Discipline :

Highly disciplined team to deliver our commitments to clients and suppliers. We abide by a code of conduct to the highest standards, reflecting our identity and ensuring our business sustainability.