Founded in Alexandria during 1975 as an agencies and trading company focused on specialty chemicals. Mr. SAAD MOURSI the founder and the chairman of the organization and Chemist MOUSTAFA A. RAHMAN created its unique culture and reputation in the Egyptian market.

Over years, second and third generations took their responsibilities to grow up the organization achieving its goals keeping its culture and dynamic nature.

Today SAMORAL is one of the leading specialty chemicals supplier serving diversified markets. Representing 32 reputable principals worldwide, building a solid long lasting partnership over decades.

SAMORAL Financial stability over years creates confidence of their suppliers, granting them payment terms no other company can easily get.

SAMORAL team is 48 members covering management, sales, finance and logistics.


To be pioneering, dynamic and leader supplier of high quality products and services, adopting the understanding of continuous improvement in the specialty chemicals activity, delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.


SAMORAL has two offices in Alexandria and one in Cairo. Two storage facilities of ………… square meters in Alexandria and one storage facility of ………….. Square meters in Alexandria free zone area where it can be a hub between East and West. Maintenance service center in Alexandria as well as sub distributers allocated in Upper Egypt, Sinai and Red sea area.